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When you have a question, books may not always give you an answer since books contain theories and one has to use these theories to obtain answers to practical questions. In such situations what do you do? It's Simple. Ask your questions on our discussion board. Someone out there might just know the answer. Likewise, if you know answers to questions from struggling VLSI Engineers, lend a hand and help them out. Be a part of the team of Engineers striving to make a mark.


While interviewing people,you might have on occasions, wondered if the candidate is really what his/her resume makes out to be. Here is an opportunity to screen your candidates not only by their resumes but also by the kinds of questions the candidates ask on our discussion board and the answers/comments they post. This way you can measure their level of knowledge, curiosity and aptitude while they remain unaware of such screening. Visit our Employer section to learn more and to help yourself choose the right candidate.


Are you a Qualified Engineer and Looking for a Job? VLSIBANK is here to help you get placed. While you are waiting for an Employer to spot you, you can start taking an active part on our discussion board. Employers will look at the questions/comments you posted and decide if you indeed are the right candidate to do their job. This way you can do more to project yourself than by just putting out your resume. Visit our Resume section and make use of its features to help you get a Job.


How many of you have heard your Professors say, "Get your Fundamentals Right!"? Well, Some of us did and we realized, if we have to solve complex equations and problems, we need to know basic theories behind certain facts. This section helps you get a quick look into basic definitions so that you can use them to solve bigger problems.


All work and no play makes us all very dull. While there are fun things to do in the outside world, we have come up with our own entertainment section. While the problems make you think and sharpen your mind, they are not meant to be too complex. You therefore entertain yourself with these not so difficult questions. You are Welcome to submit questions of your own for others to enjoy as well. We do screen your questions before others can see them to maintain quality.

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